Friday, 2 September 2011


Guys, it is Syawal this month. Eidulfitr! Ahh duit raya. Probably the fondest childhood memory for us right? Remember the time when we used to go house to house collecting duit raya and by the end of the day, our pocket nearly burst with money. Yes, that was the time when duit raya came in the form of rm1 coins. Nowadays we rarely get to see that because rm1 coin already ceased from from exists. I view duit raya is an equivalent counterpart of Christmas trick or treat presents, because it is what makes hari raya so meaningful to children. We remember back in the childhood days we spent duit raya to buy new Tamiya cars or even a pair of rollerblade. Some view the practice of giving duit raya as encouraging children to splurge on money, we believe it is all about being generous to other people. Moral value to be learned at it, my friends. Right? 

Guys, Eidulfitr is not the same without kuih raya. Kuih raya comes in variety form and taste and could be traditional or modern. Popular kuih raya includes dodol, bahulu, batang buruk and many more. If we list it all, u guys will be dreaming of it while sleeping tonight. Recent years we saw western influences making its way into snack. Today, during eidulfitr we can see a jar of chocolate chip cookies line up side by side with batang buruk together with our traditional kuih raya. Even some of our local kuih raya for instance bahulu have featured western influences. Yeah, how many of you have tried chocolate chip bahulu? Nope? Well I did and it tastes better than the tradiotional bahulu. Most kuih raya are made to last throughout the month of syawal and usually made in large batch because obviously kuih raya is served to guest during open house. But nowadays people more intent to order the kuih raya instead of making it from scratch. Therefore, kuih raya has lost it’s exclusive value. But whatever it is, how modern this world will be, Eidulfitr won’t be the same without the same without duit raya and kuih raya. We taking this chance to wish you guys, Happy Eidulfitr!

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