Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dean List

Have you guys ever heard about dean list? We believe you guys did. Well dean list is a label and honor given by the university for 3.5 GPA students. Those dean list students will receive a certificate stating that their great achievement in academic. Great achievement comes with great effort. Great effort needs great sacrifice. What sort of sacrifice? It is the time management I must say. Put extra time in study and revise back what have we learned in the class. Meet lecturer frequently. No need to feel shy to ask lecturer if we do not understand something because we all are in the stage of learning. That is why we are here in this awesome university, to study and gain as much knowledge as we could before stepping in the real working environment.  With this dean list certificate, our chances to get selected in job interviews are higher compare to random student. Lend us your time and start to imagine this, you are the boss in a company and you are searching for a new engineer and you got 2 fresh graduates in the interview room. One of them is a dean list certificate holder and the other one is an average CGPA student. Both of them are active in co-curriculum in university. Which one will you pick to fit the new vacancy? Of course you are going to choose a dean list holder right? There are so many advantages of being a dean list student. The choice is yours. 

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